Monday, 20 December 2010

Plastik Elves at Christmas

There are lots of goodie bags scattered over Elliot & Bill sims for the reopening. Some are free - some are $1L (there are more on Elliot than Bill) - one of the bags is from The Plastik - it costs $1L and is full of goodies including this Elf Skin with Ears and Eyes and the Gloves I am wearing.

Plastik Elf

Close up of face on skin:

Plastik Elf

I have added Glow Studios Black Swan eyelashes and modded them to a gold shade with a little glow.

Hair is by Lamb - Glass Candy

Dress is by Zaara - Svara Wrap Dress

Hairbase is by Boon

Shoes and Socks - Moxie by Maitreya

Saturday, 18 December 2010

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Cerise

I havent blogged much lately (busy RL) but I am trying to keep up with Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of color challenge

Today I have made two looks for Cerise (both based around the same boots as they were the first item in my inv that I found that looked "cerisish")



Photo 1

Skin - Lea - Lionskins
Hair - Wild Nothings - Lamb
Pants - Croc Pants in Pink - Mimikiri
Top - Bra Top in Fuchsia - Maitreya
Necklace - Ribbon Necklace - past TDR special
Boots - Tartan Boots in Pink - Peqe

Pose - Adorkable Poses - Voodoo Set
Telephone Seat - Moranique (2011 special - 50L)

Photo 2

Skin - Lea - Lionskins
Boots - Tartan Boots in Pink - Peqe
Leggings - Brith Unicef Leggings - Fume (now Peqe)
Sweater - Ribbon Sweater in White -The Secret Store (modded to make ribbons cerise)
Hair - Dot - Ploom (previous Hunt Prize from The Platinum Hunt)
Earrings - Mandala

Photo 2

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

52 weeks of color - Yellow

I found this one hard as I hae very few yellow clothes - but here is what I found:

52 weeks of color - yellow

Skirt - Zaara - Trishana Print Skirt in Sunset

Cardigan - Luce. Yellow Cardigan - opening gift I think

Shoes - Zaara - Mojri shoes in saffron

Skin - Dutch Touch - Yri in caramel

Hair - Lamb - Wild Nothings in Sunset

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lea is out at Lion Skins

And she is my favourite Lion Skins skin - so much so I am doing nudie pics!!!!

New Lionskins

new lionskins

The face is just amazing - nicely detailed and can be cute or smexy depending on how you want to dress her up - or undress her as I have lol

The body shading is so well done and subtle

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skin. For a demo go here:

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Roll up, roll up .... new pants in town

... ladies and gentlemen, the weather outside is frightful but these new pants from TokiD are delightful. Only L$50L a pair, don't miss them!

roll ups

TokiD has just released these cute rolling pants - only 50L and come in about 7 colours (most checked but one plain set is available)

I also bought this sweater while I was buying the pants - knit top yellow (it's a dull yellow - more khaki I would say) - $120L

Hair - Call the Lions - Wheat - Clawtooth

Undersweater - Aviator Sweater Cream - Jane

Books - Boston Boots - Reek (past 50L Friday)

Hat - Bobblehat from Concrete Flowers for AVDC Hunt (very cute)

Panda - Luck Board at SP

SKin - Plain Jane in Caramel - Mynerva

Baf - Bukka - free (subscribo I think)

Picture taken at Sways - LOVE the cute little bears running around my feet!

Sunday, 5 December 2010


There are so many sales and events on just now that I have been distracted from my inventory tidy task, not that I am complaining :)

Anyway today I took a break from shopping again to look into my exisiting inventory and this is what I came up with:

in my inv

Skin and Hair attachment- Dekade - previous TDRB
Jacket - LeeZu - previous TDRB - or maybe TDR
Shorts - Mimikiri Piz shorts (I have the sweater too but not shown)
Lashes - Bukka Lush Changer
Nails and Rings - Mandala

Cool Beans

I shopped some new hair from Anaphora today - Ana. I love it - comes with a texture change beanie and one of the texture options (shown) is a plain knit that you can tint as you wish :)

Also what I love about this hair is the fact the pack I bought (naturals) gives you 6 colour choices from blonde to rich brown and a redish shade so no need to buy 3 packs of hair to get blonde, brown and red. The pack of 6 was $300L a good deal I think.


Also Worn

Skin - Grix - Serendipity -Tegan in Cream
Glasses - Muism
Shorts - ricielli (20L sale)
Sweater and Scarf - Couverture
Shoes and Socks - Maitreya Moxie

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shadows, sales and socks

I downloaded the latest version on Kirsten's viewer and I am having a shadow problem with it :( When I enable shadows, on my screen my avatar looks all a blur so I couldnt really see the picture I took - however when I opened it in PS it was clear - odd .......

As you may already know, Ricielli is having a $20L sale on all red items in store for a short time - I picked up a few things including the Petra Minidress. I am wearing the top of the Petra dress with the $50L Friday skirt from Deco's Evening Dress in Olive. I also bought the same dress in cherry when it was on $50L Friday - the top part of the dress will not work for me at all but I do like the skirts very much so I am happy.

sales, socks and shadows

SLURS to your left

The socks part of the title??? ... I needed another S and I love the socks from Maitreya's Moxie shoes.

Also worn

Skin - Grix - Tegan in Cream (this was only $99L and cute - I bought in cream and latte)

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Night Rain

Lashes - Bukka Lush Changer

Shoes - Luce - LB

Bangle - Ribbon Bangle - Luce gatcha

Hair Band - Line

Hair - Lamb - Sugar Hiccup Redo in Twix

Necklace - this is LOVELY - LaGoya "My Special Friend" - at the Dressing Room - comes in open and close in copy and you also get an open and closed in transfer to give away - such a nice idea.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Sepia - 52 Weeks of color challenge


I HAD to buy the new Maitreya Moxie shoes and I'm so glad I did. I luvs them :)

The Coat is from Oyakin - Linen Coat in Brown. I have blogged these linen coats before but to recap, in the folder you get a short, medium and a long coat. the coats are available in three colours : Brown, Beige and Black

The Dress is from Tram: Antique Linen in Brown

Long Sleeves - part of "Crushed" dress from Maitreya - "crushed" in Sepia

Undershirt is from Justb - basic longsleeve wool tee

Scarf - Miel - Lia scarf in plaid

Skin - Ugly Duck - Dark Beth

Freckles - TB

Eyeshadow - Glamourize: soft smoke eyeshadow in soft gold

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Night Rain

Hair is from Lamb - Sona in KitKat

Thursday, 2 December 2010

•"You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato"

I love Christmas - but it is an expensive time of the year - in both lives. However for all us Ebeneezers out there - Mr. Scrooge's Christmas Village is now open here: and we can get lots of little goodies for free including two cute pose sets from Olive Juice.

The one I am showing is from the Naughty List Stocking set - called "Where's my stuffers"

naughty list

The cute tray of gingerbread men and hot chocolate is also from the village - free and by Awesome Blossom

Fireplace is from What's Next (not at the village and not free) - there is a fireplace free at the village tho - its from LaLaLicious

Skin - FD - Lucy May

Hair - Clawtooth (oh 50% sale on all hairs there just now - I think I have almost styles all from last sale and new releases and 50L F etc - but I'll pop over anyway - might grab in a colour I dont have )

Jammies - Mocha - Ruffle Pyjamas in Pink

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I told myself I would avoid red or green posts this month but already I am breaking my own rules!

I was at Milk Motion today looking to see if I could find the With Love Hunt prize as I did see someone (sorry can't remember the blog) make a post showing a cute skin as the gift. Anyway I could not find the item but I did see a cute cardi - and bought it in red (well 'tis the season). It comes with a sculpted bottom part which I am not wearing.

Later I was wandering around Tram and saw a sweet little dress that I thought would look cute with the cardi but it was only in Navy or White - of course I checked and saw they are modify (yay) so I grabbed the white and turned it red :)

Tram & Milk Motion

The LB shoes from Luce were just the right shade so easy shoe choice.

Skin - one I havent worn for ages and I really like it - Ugly Duck - Laura - red

Hair - Louise Brooks in softest black from Clawtooth

Hairband - from FD - it was free

Stockings - Maitreya

Pearls - Deco - Nov Group Gift

Eyes - Night Rain from Poetic Colors

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Counting the days

+Count has 6 lucky boards out at this location with some really cute items in them including this hat and scarf set.


Also worn

Skin - past OMG that's adorable hunt skin from Mynerva
Skirt - these are all over the feeds so I hardly need to mention it's from Boom - Love Me Skirt in Cranberry - they are lovely and a really good deal
Boots - My Leather Boots - Milk Motion
Leggings - Rude Rebel - free opening gift
Sweater - Fir & Mana - Jackson Sweater in red
Undershirt - intrinsic tank in red cherry - free from Jane
Hair - Call the Lions in Dreamy Red from Clawtooth
Mittens - sheepskin mittens from League
Freckles - tres bla

Pose LAP
Location World's End Garden

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ready for a move to the country

After buying this adorable toggle jacket from TokiD I feel all tweedy and want to move to the country. I love this jacket and I think it works well with the cute pants from the With Love Hunt prize from Justb

Country Living

Also worn

Socks - Duboo Bosong Socks - these are great - the cuffs are texture change and the socks come in short or knee length

Skin - Mynerva Plain Jane V2 in caramel

Lashes - cheap makeup

Boots - Kookie Hobbit Boots

Tights - Jane - waffle knit tights in truffle

Bag - TokiD Baggu Light (so cute)

Scarf - Miel

Sweater - Zaara La Femme Sweater in Olive

Pose - LAP - from Socially Awkward set

Scene - ModdG - made of forest animals and folklore (free)

Hat - trapper hat - coco - group giftie

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged. "

Umm yeah sorry for the title but this outfit from Mimikiri made my brain attack me with quotes from "Galaxy Quest"!!!


The skirt, top and jacket all all from the Holly range Mimikiri - top and skirt in the version Galaxy - and Jacket in Black. I think it is a lovely set - now all I need to do is find some nice Christmas parties where they serve plum pudding :)

I had been trying to do the 52 weeks of color challange today - but all the "plums" in my inventory are of various shades of some sort of purplish from lilac to dark purple so I am counting the hair I am using in this post as my "plum challange" - it is from Boon and is in Purple - but it looks like a deep victoria plum shade to me - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The skin is from Dutch Touch - Yri in Caramel - winter make up

Boots are from G Field - short lace up boots - I have the fat pack of these and they are lovely - actually I have these in plum but I liked the black with my outfit better.

Tights - Ugly Duck - 10 denier tights

Lashes - Bukka Eye Lush Changer (speaking of Bukka - new item in LB - a tunic - I'm go to go stalk in a moment)

Lipstick - Dutch Touch in PLUM yay more plum

Freckles - Tres Bla

Pose and Set by Modd G - free (pose modded using avimator to move hair out of chest)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yay! I'm Feeling the Love

and not just for the With Love Hunt

feeling the love_001

I am loving Jane - for 2 days (starting yesterday) all her stuff - yes EVERYTHING - is 50% off - I'm wearing a cardi from there - she makes lovely clothes and nothing is expensive even at full price - so if you miss the sale dont worry you can still shop there without spending vast amounts :)

I love the skybox from Awesome Blossom for the WLH - it is well made and really cute and cosy.

I also love Vent Du Sud - if you haven't been there GO! ALL furniture and knick Knackie stuff is only L$1 - I got a few items including the bed in the picture above.

My leggings are from Deetalz WLH prize - it is a good prize most certainly worth the money - you get leggings, dress and scarf

I'm also feeling love for Blur Mannequin - I am wearing some cute feather eye makeup which I got under the tree for 45l - it came with some cute shoes too. All Beeman's stuff is inexpensive so if you havent visited go take a look for nice poses and a few bits and bobs without breaking the bank.

Also shown

Skin - FD - Lucy May
Boots and Dress - Milk Motion - Boots are this weeks 50L Friday boots - I went back to get them this morning after I found the little blue dress at The Dressing Room Blue
Hair - Eat Rice - stumblebum hair
Rugs - Coire - rugs from the attic (I thik these were a group gift)
Antler Candles - Lisp Baazar
Chair and Ottoman - What Next
Pose - Love poses from Baffle - 2 in a pack - $10L

I am NOT feeling the love for Project Themory for yet another week - it is really going downhill - which is sad as it was a good idea

Friday, 26 November 2010

Not Yet Feeling the Love :(

I have to say that after how much I have looked forward to the With Love Hunt I am feeling dissapointed - I have only done 4 stores (not in order) and at home opened 3 of the items and decided to stop hunting until I see some more pics of the items on blogs and go only for those that I will like.

The three I opened were:

1. Mortanique - after buying the nice chair yesterday I was hoping for a nice piece of furniture - instead it is a picture - now it is well made but - I was kinda "meh" when I saw it.

2. The next item I opened was the snowglobe from La Petit Mort - now I had seen that blogged and it looked fun - but in fact it comes with only one pose and that is on a poseball - again not a badly made item but not as good as I had hoped for.

3. I then opened the Callie CLine one - and was so dissapointed - the box said "Awesomeness" and I was quite hopefull - but inside were a collar and cuffs in black and white :(

The above is just how I felt about the items - other people may love them.

So back to my inventory - oh and hair I bought from CLawtooth today for $50L Friday - the only item on that list I got today.


Skin - Belleza - Elle Fair - past Group Gift

Eyeshadow - oh I have closed SL and cant remember - but I got it at the Fashion Circus - nice set of wintery shadows

Eyelashes - Bukka - eyelash HUD - has loads of nice options - this one is the white shades, long with gems on

Dress - Mimikiri - Vic in blue and silver

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Shallow Water

Lipstick - Mynerva - silver

Necklace, Bangles and Nails Mandala

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jack Frost's nipping at my nose

In RL it is a beautiful day - cold, frosty and the winter sun is shining :)

I shopped again in SL today - I have been looking at the new sweaters from fume for a few days and decided I would just get one today - in my inv I found leggings (maybe from a hunt) from fume as well.

I added my white knit boots from Anexx and the hair and scarf are from Maitreya Voluminous Scarf. The skin is from Dekade - Claire from past TDRB collection.

I took the picture at World's End - I loved the chair from Mortanique so I went over there and bought one too - nice poses in it :)


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Can't think of a title!

Arrrgh!!!! It's only two days until the start of the With Love Hunt, then there is the Peace on Earth Hunt - and I'm sure many many more- I need to accept my inventory will never be sorted out on time.

This time however with the hunts I am going to try to only search maybe 2 or 3 items at a time, go home, unpack, try on and sort as I go along - well that's the plan but I will probably not stick to that!

I'm going to continue to try to open all my unopened boxes and view all my unviewed items in folders - its been fun finding stuff I didnt even remember having - and good to get rid of a lot of stuff I just would never use.

Here's some cute stuff I found in my inv and some new shoes (yes I shopped again - but they were inexpensive and cute)


Shoes - Beemans - Curse You - only 23L :)
Skin - Mother Goose - Lewrence - I got this at the LBs when I was stalking the Oyat skin
Pants - Milk Motion - my play suit
Under Pants - Anexx Knit Leggings in Pink - modded to be darker and shortened
Hair - Waffles - Blind Speech - Say Nil in Cream - I got this at DU4 and don't think I have worn it before and it's cute hair
Top - Go! Lolita top - free

I am hopeless!

I gave in to temptation and shopped again today! I bought some lovely hair from Boon and a few little things from The Sea Hole at the L$50 sale (only on certain items)

I had a set in my inventory from O'Bleak for ages called Bohemian Rapture which I loved but could not find a top that I really liked to wear with it - but at The Sea Hole I found a couple at 50L which I thought would work so here is the skirt with one of the tops and my new hair:


Close up of the hair:


And still wearing the hair I found some other things I liked in my inventory

inventory tidy day 6

Pics 1 & 2

Skin - Mynerva - Plain Jane 2 - caramel
Lashes - Cheap Make Up
Skirt, headband and earrings - O'Bleak - Bohemain Rapture
Bracelet - o'Bleak - from Peace Love and Chains set
Shoes - Zaara - Mojri in black
Shirt - The Sea Hole - PleatedBlouse in Shadowy Lilac - 50L sale
Necklace - TRD Blue Ribbon Necklace
Anklet - SLink
Nails - SLink
Hair - Boon PUN448 in purple

Pic 3

Hair, Lashes, Shoes - same as above
Skin - Tres Bla - Echo in tan
Top - Aoharu - Pink Glitter Shirt
Pants - Zaara - Churdar pants in Black
Bracelet - Zaara
Necklace - Deco - Group Gift

Monday, 22 November 2010

Fell off the wagon and bought some boots

I went along to Sebbia to stalk the lucky board there for the cute little boots - but after my two day stalk of Mother Goose I decided just to cough up the money and buy the boots - well they were only 100L, very cute and modifiable so why wait :) - I purchased in beige and have modded to a darker brown shade for this outfit. (the boots in the LB are dark brown - you need a group tag to get the boots)

My inventory tidy - Day 5

I found this cute coat from *BP* that I had tucked away in my inventory - I love duffle coats - I bought it ages ago (last year I think) so I do not remember how much it was - but I like it a lot and was glad to have found it again.

The tights are from Fishy Strawberry

Boots from Sebbia

Hair from Dernier Cri

Skin - Mother Goose LB Oyat skin (still wearing it since my last post)

Bag is from Deco - mischief bag - I have blogged this before - I often use this little bag

Beret is from Duboo - I have a few of these from the gatcha there

Shorts are from Veschi - jeanius shorts in gold - I dont remember buying these - must have been ages ago !

Day 5 - inventory clean up

I was distracted from my mission to organise my inventory by this beautiful skin by Mother Goose in one of the many Lucky Boards at her shop. I stalked it for 2 days! But I think it is worth it - it is called Oyat. Actually I got the demo and I would have purchased one of these but it is only available in fat pack - but that comes with 3 shapes and loads of versions of this skin for 900L - so it is still a bargain ... I may give in to temptation next month when I buy more lindens :)

Mother Goose Oyat LB

I did some inventory tidy and found the following:

Inventory Tidy Day 4

Skin - Mother Goose - Oyat - LB
Hair - Lamb - Honey in Honeycomb
Skirt - Milk Motion - my short skirt
Boots - Bax - prestige boots in brown
Jacket - Maitreya - Camden Jacket
Arm Warmers - Mimikiri
Shirt - Equus - part of a dress
Necklace - Deco - essential pears in Winter Berries - Nov Group Gift
Poses - Modd.G - Made of Forrest Animals set - free
Hands - SLink

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Goldenrod - Week 3 52 Weeks of Color - Luna Jubilee Challenge

I am enjoying this year long challenge - this is what I found lurking in my inv that I felt could work for the Goldenrod color challenge:

colour challenge wk 3 goldenrod

Hair and Hat - Bax - Wool Beanie with Hair - Honeyblonde
Skin - Dutch Touch - Yri - Cotton - Basic
Lipstick - Dutch Touch - natural gloss
Eyeshadow - Glamorize - Soft Gold
Liner - Glamorize - smokey
Sweater - Jane - aviator sweater in Honey
Hoodie Knit Vest - And Count - Argyle in yellow (gacha)
Tights - Ugly Duck - Nerd
Shoes - Maitreya - Neyya Toe Cap Shoes in Golden
Freckles - Hundreds and Thousands - Mynerva
Bag - Septum Essentia - Croco in Brown (free)
Skirt - Mocha - Traditional Plaid Pleated Yellow Skirt
Necklace - Happy Finds - Owl Necklace

Day 4 of inventory tidy

Just a quickie as I am late for work

I continue to try to sort my inventory - this is what I found this morning:

inventory sort out day 4

Hair - Lamb - Honey in Honeycomb
Coat - Meriken Co - Answer Pink Jacket
Skirt - Simple Skirt - SMS
Boots - Olea - Surf Shack - past 50L Friday
Tights - Jane Waffle Tights in red delicious
Bag- Tokidoki
Shirt - Miel Cali Tank in Wet Moss
Skin - Dekade - past DRB skin

Friday, 19 November 2010

Day 3 of Inventory Sort Out

I was worried that 50L Friday would weaken my resolve not to shop but to sort my inventory - but I was good - I only shopped the Boston boots from Reek.

These looked sturdy and work like boots and I wanted to make an outdoor worky type look. I tried on my Lumberjack Jacket from Lelutka - it is lovely but wasnt what I wanted - then I remembered a shirt and parka group gift that was recently given by the Coco Group.

Delving into my Inventory Day 3

Skin - Mynerva - cutie pie dimples - past hunt gift for OMG That's Adorable Hunt
Boots - Boston Boots - Reek for 50L Friday
Jeans - Maitreya Skinny Jeans
Socks - Marys Closet Daru Socks
TeeShirt - Fri.Day Long sleeve scooped tee in Orange
Shirt and Parka - Group Gift from Coco
Hair - Dernier Cri - Sadie in brown shades (colour change hair)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mission to sort my inventory - Day 3

I have managed to get my inventory down to just over 20k - it's still a mess but it has been fun looking at some of the stuff I have - and wondering "Why on earth do I have this???" many times!!

I found a whole load of free stuff from the gift section at KMADD - a section where designers who have a space there put out some gifts. Most of it is for men - so why did I take them??? a. I seem unable to pass a free item without grabbing to take a look, and b. sometimes men's stuff works well for us girls too.

Anyway if you havent been there (especially if you have a male avi) it's worth a pop along to have a look. I found, in the stuff I had from the KMADD free section, teeshirts from Reek - the folder has both male and female :)

Delving into my inventory Day 3

TeeShirt - Reek - Ohai girls tee Pink
Skin - Sunny Su Soon Skin - DevonAoki - free and really sweet
Teeth - Teethy from Tik Tok
Socks - SLink Pink Toe Socks with smiley faces - cute - but they have invisiprims that can't be turned off :(
Shorts - *H&K* Moon Bunnystar dot pants - these are from a whole outfit I got ages ago when I was doing a hunt
Hair - Mikan-hair - honey bunny - gacha 30L - and so cute
Panda Bean Bag - Pink Fuel

Another Delve!

Just a quickie - taking advantage of my lunch hour to do another quick trawl of my inventory - this is what I found:

Delving into My Inventory Day 2

Skin - fd - Morning Sun Princess 4

Hair - Group Gift - for men but hey girls can rock it too - Anaphora Kura II in umber

Hair Base - Boon Vine Shaved Hair Base in Red

Boots - Modd G - Rilo Red Ribbon Boots

Tights - Jane - Waffle Tights in Raspberry

Jacket - Aoharu - Nordic Knit Coat in Grey

Sweater - Bellies Brown Grampa Sweater

Scarf - Couverture - Row Gauge Knit Muffler - was grey but I modded it

Now back to work :(

Delving into my inventory Day 2

Day 2 of my attempt to tidy my inventory - I have managed to delete a load of unwanted stuff - but it is still a disaster - this could take me weeks!!!

Anyway onto what I have pulled out today:

delving into my inventory day2

delving into my inventory day 2

Skin - this was free from Mother Goose (or $1l) - Bini3 - I think it is a beautiful delicate skin - thank you Mother Goose <3

Hair base and hair attachment - Dekade

Eyes - poetic colors - Autumn Beach

Top - Tee*fy - part of Paito Dress Noir - I added the cuffs from Mimikri Suza Dress

Pants - CheerNo - Diamond is Mine Hunt

Shoes - Bare Robin - Stilletto Moody

Hands - SLink

Choker - SLink - Platinum Hunt Gift I think

Pose - Modd G - Made of Old Irregular Dreams set - free

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Taking a deep breath and delving into my inventory!

I expect loads of you are like me in that we buy sooo many things, do hunts, get group gifties etc and never get around to wearing half the stuff in our inventory. My inventory management is non existant and my linden balance very low!

Sooo I have decided to make an effort to go each day into my inventory and make an outfit from things I already have - well this is the plan but I bet I still shop more!

Today here is what I pulled out of the wreckage:

In my inventory 1

The top is from Line - I got this at DU4 - I bought both black and white - have previously worn the white but forgot about the black!

The skirt is a group gift from Coco - Coco is a great group - many gifts and they stay up in store on a wall for ages so you dont miss them.

The shoes are Maitreya - shanti - I bought the fat pack at the 50% off sale and I do wear them a lot

The skin is from Dutch Touch - it is Yri in caramel - I was tempted to buy the V2 Joilie skins today - but I have them in the V1 in fat pack in 2 tones so I resisted. Anyway, it is possible to revamp skins now with all the wonderful makeups in tattoo layers :)

Talking of which I am wearing Glamorize soft smoke eyeshadow in soft gold and Glamorize eyeline in Supercat. Also wearing Cheap makeup lashes - tattoo layer and Prim Lashes by Glow Studio - innocent.

The hair base is from Dekade and so is the Hair Attachment

The lipstick is from Mynerva - Plum

The pearls are from Deco

The ring - I love this ring - is from Paper Couture and is called Water over Wine

Nails are from SLink

Eyes are from Poetic Colors

Pose is from Exposure

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I could not resist!!!!

This new release from Clawtooth is soooo cute. It is called "Could I resist" and no I could not :)
I shopped it in the Glamorous Blondes and Exquisite Reds packs.

new clawtooth hair

New Clawtooth Hair

New Clawtooth Hair

I am also wearing one of my favorite coats for this season - the Oyakin Linen Coat - this is the brown shade.

The sweater is from Sways Creations - it is really sweet with a little reindeer on the front - I added the lower prim from Izumiya's beige sweater.

The scarf is My Vintage Scarf from Milk Motion

Boots are fromm Kookie - hobbit boots

Leggings from TIAF (this is a fawn) - knit leggings in rust

Legwarmers are the prims from Jane's Rugby Socks

Skin from Dekade Dahlia Sunkissed for TDRB

Freckles and eyebrows from Mynerva

Lashes from Cheap Makeup

Skirt - Baiastice Tweed sculpted skirt-brown - I <3 this skirt

Sunday, 14 November 2010

52 Weeks of Color - Week 2 - Blue

A very casual look this week for my "Blue" post - Blogger Challenge by Luna Jubilee

52 weeks of color - week 2 blue

Hair - Boon - Group Gift - Irk178 in shade Blueblack
Skin - Dutch Touch - Yri - shade Caramel - make up Winter
Eyeshadow - Kyoot - Feline Eyeshadow in Cold Coast
Boots - Theosophy - Airth Boots in Coast
Necklace - Happy Finds - Owl Necklace
Shirt - Tres Bla - Vintage Floral Thermal in Blue
Socks - Maitreya - Slouch Socks - Blue
Pose - from my AO - Oracul
Skirt - Kyoot - Corduroy Mini - Winter Blues

Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Goodies

I really enjoyed my 50L Friday tour this week - quite a few goodies to grab.

I adore the scarves by Miel, the tops from Kyoot and the hair from Lamb :)

Miel Scarf!!!!

Also worn

Skin - Plain Jane V2 in caramel by Mynerva
Teeth - Teethy V3 by Tik Tok
Jacket - Military Cape by Aoharu
Skirt - Naomi Skirt - dark by Lelutka

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It has been all over the feeds that Mariposa is closing :( I went along and got a few items including a really nice sky box for only $5l. I have only taken one picture as I need to dig into my inv and look for some furniture - I have just stuck a couple of things in to take the pic so it doesnt look too bare!

The sky box has a control system for the windows, floor (carpet, tile or wood option on floor), door locking and lights - the lights can be changed to many different colours.

It has a balcony and a nice little entrance hall - the main section is one large room - but the skybox is modifiable so you could add a second room - or whatever you wish.

The textures in the build are nice - I like this skybox alot :)

An excuse to shop

Items worn

Hair - Lamb - Honey - shade honeycomb
Skin - Mynerva
Boots - Reek
Cardigan - Reek
Sweater - Jane
Jeans - Gato

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bloggers' Challenge - 52 Weeks of Color - Gray

Luna Jubilee's challenge "52 Weeks of Color" is on and this week's colour is Gray - and as I was wearing an outfit of mostly gray when I spotted this challenge I quickly took a pic - actually I like the idea of colour based challenges so maybe this will encourage me to blog a bit more .

52 weeks of colour - Gray

Hat - Luce - Nov Group Gift
Jacket - Loveme Girlie Cape - mom's gift
Sweater - DeLa - Emilia
Pants - LeLutka - Fallen Pants
Socks - Jane - Little Piggies Rugby Socks
Boots - Anexx Knit Legwarmers and Flats - Nordic
Skin - Exodi Sylvan (50L Friday) - this shade is vivante
Eyeshadow - Kyoot feline eyeshadow
Lipstick - Mynerva - pink
Eyelashes - cheap makeup
Hair - Clawtooth - Louise Brooks in softest black
Pose - Beemans
Location - Mocha

Monday, 1 November 2010

BelleBelle Bones Hunt

Hello all - it's been a while since I last blogged - have been taking a break - but I have just done the Belle Belle bones hunt and had to blog about it.

If you havent done the BelleBelle Bones Hunt - do it fast! It was only scheduled to run 31st Oct and 1st Nov - so it ends today.

There are a lot of goodies to find - some really really nice - including Guapos Kitchen and Mr Sandman (I blogged Mr Sandman before)

I also found a bone that gave me the BelleBelle Naughtylus skybox. It is a really cool and well detailed Steampunk Skybox with an undesea scene and animated fishies (it also comes with an excite compatible sex couch for those who may have use for it!!).

BelleBelle BlissBox

BelleBelle Bliss Box

bellebelle bb

The sweater and leggings I am wearing are from Luce - the sweater is a group gift and the leggings are a free for all gift.

Hair is from Exile

Hat is an old hunt prize from Hatpins

Goggles are free from BelleBelle - dont need to hunt for these they are just there to be taken

Pipe is from Duboo

Boots are from Deco

Friday, 8 October 2010


Hi all, I am taking a little blogging holiday. I feel I need a break from SL for a while.

Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Low on Lindens But Want To Help a New Player?

There is a little shop called !!KKBB!! at: where you can buy some inexpensive clothes, shoes, skins and shapes that are transfer. Items range from 0L to $10 and there are some lucky boards too. So good place to go if you want to help get a new player started with a few little things.

Below I am showing a skin called Radient Skin - Fair/Smokey it was $10L
The dress was - I think $5l
The shoes were also $10L - they have a hud for skin change - these are invisiprim shoes - no viewer 2 option

Low Budget

Hair is by Lamb
Eyes - Summer Wheat by Poetic Colors - a past freebie

Monday, 4 October 2010


Yes here I am at Green Acres Golf Course for an afternoon of clubbing!


This was quite fun - the animations for playing are not great for small avatars - wide shoulders needed to stop the arms crossing over so I suspect they were made for male avatars - but hey ho - if it is fun who cares :) Clubs are free and so it is free to play :) To try it out go here:

Items worn:

Skin - Mynerva - OMG That's Adorable Cutiepie Dimples Skin
Boots - Miel - Far Boots Plaid
Pants - LeLutka - Fallen Pants - plaid Black
Hat - Coco - Group Gift - Hunters Hat
Sweater - Ingenue - Edie in Mink
Leggings - Anexx in Black

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pile Up!

I love lots of cushions and pillows to lounge about on so I adore this sofa from UrbanizeD that I bought at the new SL House and Garden Sim. The pillows are texture change and there is room for 3 avatars - 2 on the sofa and one on the little pile of pillows that comes with the sofa. This shade of fabric is called "Frozen"

Big Pile of Pillows

Comfy Couch

I'm lazing about in my new undies from 50L Friday from 5th and Oxford and the new skin at The Dressing Room Blue from Mons.

Nails and feet are from SLink
Hair is from Boon

Friday, 1 October 2010

Just some stuff

Can't think of a title - so just some stuff I like :)


Tartan Skirt and Brown Knit Vest from SMS (so many styles)
Sweater from Zaara
Leggings from Anexx
Boots from Milk Motion
Bag from Deco
Hair from Lamb - this weeks 50L Friday hair
Beret from gacha at Duboo
Skin from Mynerva
Scarf from LeeZu