Friday, 26 November 2010

Not Yet Feeling the Love :(

I have to say that after how much I have looked forward to the With Love Hunt I am feeling dissapointed - I have only done 4 stores (not in order) and at home opened 3 of the items and decided to stop hunting until I see some more pics of the items on blogs and go only for those that I will like.

The three I opened were:

1. Mortanique - after buying the nice chair yesterday I was hoping for a nice piece of furniture - instead it is a picture - now it is well made but - I was kinda "meh" when I saw it.

2. The next item I opened was the snowglobe from La Petit Mort - now I had seen that blogged and it looked fun - but in fact it comes with only one pose and that is on a poseball - again not a badly made item but not as good as I had hoped for.

3. I then opened the Callie CLine one - and was so dissapointed - the box said "Awesomeness" and I was quite hopefull - but inside were a collar and cuffs in black and white :(

The above is just how I felt about the items - other people may love them.

So back to my inventory - oh and hair I bought from CLawtooth today for $50L Friday - the only item on that list I got today.


Skin - Belleza - Elle Fair - past Group Gift

Eyeshadow - oh I have closed SL and cant remember - but I got it at the Fashion Circus - nice set of wintery shadows

Eyelashes - Bukka - eyelash HUD - has loads of nice options - this one is the white shades, long with gems on

Dress - Mimikiri - Vic in blue and silver

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Shallow Water

Lipstick - Mynerva - silver

Necklace, Bangles and Nails Mandala

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