Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yay! I'm Feeling the Love

and not just for the With Love Hunt

feeling the love_001

I am loving Jane - for 2 days (starting yesterday) all her stuff - yes EVERYTHING - is 50% off - I'm wearing a cardi from there - she makes lovely clothes and nothing is expensive even at full price - so if you miss the sale dont worry you can still shop there without spending vast amounts :)

I love the skybox from Awesome Blossom for the WLH - it is well made and really cute and cosy.

I also love Vent Du Sud - if you haven't been there GO! ALL furniture and knick Knackie stuff is only L$1 - I got a few items including the bed in the picture above.

My leggings are from Deetalz WLH prize - it is a good prize most certainly worth the money - you get leggings, dress and scarf

I'm also feeling love for Blur Mannequin - I am wearing some cute feather eye makeup which I got under the tree for 45l - it came with some cute shoes too. All Beeman's stuff is inexpensive so if you havent visited go take a look for nice poses and a few bits and bobs without breaking the bank.

Also shown

Skin - FD - Lucy May
Boots and Dress - Milk Motion - Boots are this weeks 50L Friday boots - I went back to get them this morning after I found the little blue dress at The Dressing Room Blue
Hair - Eat Rice - stumblebum hair
Rugs - Coire - rugs from the attic (I thik these were a group gift)
Antler Candles - Lisp Baazar
Chair and Ottoman - What Next
Pose - Love poses from Baffle - 2 in a pack - $10L

I am NOT feeling the love for Project Themory for yet another week - it is really going downhill - which is sad as it was a good idea

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