Monday, 1 November 2010

BelleBelle Bones Hunt

Hello all - it's been a while since I last blogged - have been taking a break - but I have just done the Belle Belle bones hunt and had to blog about it.

If you havent done the BelleBelle Bones Hunt - do it fast! It was only scheduled to run 31st Oct and 1st Nov - so it ends today.

There are a lot of goodies to find - some really really nice - including Guapos Kitchen and Mr Sandman (I blogged Mr Sandman before)

I also found a bone that gave me the BelleBelle Naughtylus skybox. It is a really cool and well detailed Steampunk Skybox with an undesea scene and animated fishies (it also comes with an excite compatible sex couch for those who may have use for it!!).

BelleBelle BlissBox

BelleBelle Bliss Box

bellebelle bb

The sweater and leggings I am wearing are from Luce - the sweater is a group gift and the leggings are a free for all gift.

Hair is from Exile

Hat is an old hunt prize from Hatpins

Goggles are free from BelleBelle - dont need to hunt for these they are just there to be taken

Pipe is from Duboo

Boots are from Deco

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