Monday, 22 November 2010

Fell off the wagon and bought some boots

I went along to Sebbia to stalk the lucky board there for the cute little boots - but after my two day stalk of Mother Goose I decided just to cough up the money and buy the boots - well they were only 100L, very cute and modifiable so why wait :) - I purchased in beige and have modded to a darker brown shade for this outfit. (the boots in the LB are dark brown - you need a group tag to get the boots)

My inventory tidy - Day 5

I found this cute coat from *BP* that I had tucked away in my inventory - I love duffle coats - I bought it ages ago (last year I think) so I do not remember how much it was - but I like it a lot and was glad to have found it again.

The tights are from Fishy Strawberry

Boots from Sebbia

Hair from Dernier Cri

Skin - Mother Goose LB Oyat skin (still wearing it since my last post)

Bag is from Deco - mischief bag - I have blogged this before - I often use this little bag

Beret is from Duboo - I have a few of these from the gatcha there

Shorts are from Veschi - jeanius shorts in gold - I dont remember buying these - must have been ages ago !

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