Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It has been all over the feeds that Mariposa is closing :( I went along and got a few items including a really nice sky box for only $5l. I have only taken one picture as I need to dig into my inv and look for some furniture - I have just stuck a couple of things in to take the pic so it doesnt look too bare!

The sky box has a control system for the windows, floor (carpet, tile or wood option on floor), door locking and lights - the lights can be changed to many different colours.

It has a balcony and a nice little entrance hall - the main section is one large room - but the skybox is modifiable so you could add a second room - or whatever you wish.

The textures in the build are nice - I like this skybox alot :)

An excuse to shop

Items worn

Hair - Lamb - Honey - shade honeycomb
Skin - Mynerva
Boots - Reek
Cardigan - Reek
Sweater - Jane
Jeans - Gato

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