Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shadows, sales and socks

I downloaded the latest version on Kirsten's viewer and I am having a shadow problem with it :( When I enable shadows, on my screen my avatar looks all a blur so I couldnt really see the picture I took - however when I opened it in PS it was clear - odd .......

As you may already know, Ricielli is having a $20L sale on all red items in store for a short time - I picked up a few things including the Petra Minidress. I am wearing the top of the Petra dress with the $50L Friday skirt from Deco's Evening Dress in Olive. I also bought the same dress in cherry when it was on $50L Friday - the top part of the dress will not work for me at all but I do like the skirts very much so I am happy.

sales, socks and shadows

SLURS to your left

The socks part of the title??? ... I needed another S and I love the socks from Maitreya's Moxie shoes.

Also worn

Skin - Grix - Tegan in Cream (this was only $99L and cute - I bought in cream and latte)

Eyes - Poetic Colors - Night Rain

Lashes - Bukka Lush Changer

Shoes - Luce - LB

Bangle - Ribbon Bangle - Luce gatcha

Hair Band - Line

Hair - Lamb - Sugar Hiccup Redo in Twix

Necklace - this is LOVELY - LaGoya "My Special Friend" - at the Dressing Room - comes in open and close in copy and you also get an open and closed in transfer to give away - such a nice idea.

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