Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Can't think of a title!

Arrrgh!!!! It's only two days until the start of the With Love Hunt, then there is the Peace on Earth Hunt - and I'm sure many many more- I need to accept my inventory will never be sorted out on time.

This time however with the hunts I am going to try to only search maybe 2 or 3 items at a time, go home, unpack, try on and sort as I go along - well that's the plan but I will probably not stick to that!

I'm going to continue to try to open all my unopened boxes and view all my unviewed items in folders - its been fun finding stuff I didnt even remember having - and good to get rid of a lot of stuff I just would never use.

Here's some cute stuff I found in my inv and some new shoes (yes I shopped again - but they were inexpensive and cute)


Shoes - Beemans - Curse You - only 23L :)
Skin - Mother Goose - Lewrence - I got this at the LBs when I was stalking the Oyat skin
Pants - Milk Motion - my play suit
Under Pants - Anexx Knit Leggings in Pink - modded to be darker and shortened
Hair - Waffles - Blind Speech - Say Nil in Cream - I got this at DU4 and don't think I have worn it before and it's cute hair
Top - Go! Lolita top - free

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