Friday, 17 September 2010

Whovianism on a budget!

I was doing the Red Seal Hunt today and I came across a shop called: Love, Ashley and found this "Low Budget K-9 Costume" - I just had to have it!

Here is info about it from the notecard:
The costume body and head are constructed of old boxes. A cardboard tube serves as K-9's neck, a fork and spoon play the role of his data-collecting antenna, and a cut-up plastic cup gives his nose a little shape and hides his powerful nose laser. Everything is entirely custom textured and nearly all is hand-drawn.
The costume comes with a handful of sound and interactive features that respond only to the owner of the costume. From a menu-driven interface, you can trigger K-9 to recite many well-known phrases from the show, which he will also recite via text chat if desired. A laser sound from his nose is also available and when your avatar walks forward or backward, K-9's motors will automatically come to life (also optional).


The picture is taken in my Tardis (yes I admit it - I have a Tardis!!!) - this is the Eccleston/Tennant Console Room by New London Systems - if you like Doctor Who you will see how well done the textures and prim works are in this :) It is also functional - but I am a lazy time traveller and have just rezzed my console and have not even started to read the manual on how it all works - one day I will .....

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