Friday, 17 September 2010

Jolie Happy :)

If you look down a couple of posts ago you will see I blogged using Kunglers' Jolie Grape Dress Skirt. I had said I was a little sad as the top was only in Jacket layer - I love to layer. Anyway - Barbra Kungler IM'd me saying she has now added a shirt layer to the dresses!!! YAY. Also she very kindly sent me the dresses in all colours so double YAY!

Shown below is the Jolie Red Dress (the colours are more defined when you see the dress in SL - they are muted in this pic due to the curve effect I used in post processing)

I am wearing it with the cosy cardi from Reek for today's L$50 Friday and have included a back view without the cardi to show the pretty back of the dress. The dress also has shoulder prims which I am not wearing and the sleeve prims come in both up and down versions - I am wearing the "down" version.

Kunglers Jolie Red

Also worn:

Skin - Gina 01 - Tulli
Boots - Marina - SLink
Hair - Dog Roses - Lamb

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