Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bubbling Over With Talent!

Today Bubbles Clawtooth sent out the darling Mrs Mittens hair in Valentine shade as a group giftie :) Yay thank you xxx

Then my friend, Ren, came over to show me some cool goodies she had snagged on xstreet - a big box of guitars with animations and some other goodies - all for 10L. I of course had to shop them as well so we could start a band and show the world just how super talented we are! You can get them here:

So here we are in my kitchen rehearsing as I am sure we will be talent spotted and rocketed to SL stardom in no time (ummm yeah - I like to dream big!!)

so talented!

so talented!

Pic 1.

Xinnie: Hair: Mrs Mittens - Clawtooth, Cardigan, Lace Cardigan by Coco (it was white but I modded it to green), Tank by En Svale, Jeans, Boyfriends JEans by Maitreya, Skin, Beth by Ugly Duck, and Mic by RC Cluster

Ren: Hair by Lamb, Dress by SMS, Skin Laura by Ugly Duck, shoes and socks my Mocha, glasses by December and guitar from big box.

Pic 2. My shoes are from Miel, Ren's cello in big box of instruments and my violin in big box :)

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