Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"Be vewy vewy quiet! I'm hunting wabbits.

... and the other day I found a cool place called Roadkill Rabbits !!!!! (no no dont worry - not one flat squashed bunny in sight).

At Roadkill I found loads of cute bunnies of all breeds and fur and eye shades - and plenty of nests if you like to have your bunnies from babies. The nests are all set out neatly in breed types and fur shades and show which have gem eyes - so it's easy to find what you want there. Also a discount bunny nest section upstairs - I think most are $100L - well the ones I clicked were.

Here are some of the bunnies:

Roadkill Rabbits

But then I spotted a game - Zen Bunny - it was $25L minimum to play - and if you achieve the required score you get double your lindens and a bunny nest (and a good one - not a common one) Anyway I played a few games and won 3 nests!!!! Yay.

The game gave me boxes as receipts and I had to contact the owners for the nests. I contacted LillyAnne Crystal and she very quickly responded and took a lot of time with me asking what kind of bunnies I wanted until we had decided on 3 perfect nests for me. Great customer service :) LillyAnnne also told me that soon they will be able to automatically give the nests rather than the receipt system.

So if ya likes hunting wabbits, take a trip to Roadkill

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