Monday, 6 September 2010

Tell me about the waters of your home world, Usul ...

Having tried viewer after viewer since the demise of Emerald I finally think I have found the one I like for photographs - Kirstens Viewer. I found Imprudence good for a lot of things - but I crashed all the time on high rez pics, Emergence and Phoenix were slow and laggy for me - so Kirsten's it is. I must admit it will take me some time to get used to it - but I love the shadows feature - and it seems stable :)

Anyway, I was going to try to take a load of pictures at a desert sim - Dune RP based - I was just messing about with the sky settings and taking some shots when a Sand Worm came and killed me and I was TP'd home lol.

So I got one shot and it is not the greatest but I'm going to keep working with this until I can get better shots.

Well onto the one picture I took:


I have been to hair fair a couple of times - really people ditch the scripted objects and uber primmy hair and clothes - no one is looking at you - honest - we are all too busy trying to see a vendor which wont rez because of all the lag!!!!

I love the Exile dreads - I got two packs, one in Dark Browns and one in Dark Blondes.

The picture above is one of the Dark Blonde shades. I am also wearing a cardigan from Pig (I relented and bought one of the spring timeish items from DU4), Chinos from Shampoo, Undershirt from Miel, Skin from Dutch Touch and the cute bag is from Deco - I love this - it also has a paper plane attachment - the plane is scripted to kill - oh why did I not fling one at the dratted worm????

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