Saturday, 4 September 2010

Taking the Tram

I have been looking forward to Designers United 4 for ages. The sim was really busy this morning but I managed to get in and did some shopping - some of the items I wanted had not yet been set for sale so I'll be going back later.

I shopped a few items - some will need major adjustemts to my avi size however so I'll take my time over them and post later. A lot of the items for sale are very spring like - well not surprising as the theme is narcissus - but as I said before I am in my autum winter mood I only shopped the darker coloured items - but many of the yellow ones are just beutiful too.

This outfit I am showing is from Tram - and it fitted perfectly with no adjustments - YAY!!! It caught my eye right away and I am glad I snapped it up.

DU4 1

Above it is shown without the hat that come with it.
Skin is also from DU4 - it is from Tres Bla - and omg is is so lovely I think - only $600L
Shoes are Maitreya Shanti in Black
Ring is from Paper Couture
Hair is from Clawtooth

Below is a pic of the hat - and a closer look at the face on the TB skin.

DU4 1a

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