Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Looking forward

While many of the summer fashions in SL this year have been wonderful, I am now looking forward to the autumn and winter seasons. I have started my shopping already and have found some things that I really like. For this post I have selected some items in warm browns.



Skin - Dutch Touch - Jolie Smokey in Caramel

Pants - LeLutka Wool Pants - these look great and the prims match in wonderfully without any lumps that I sometimes find in prim legs - the only thing is that I think these pants were made before one did not have to tint prims grey to make them match with the clothing layer - so they needed modified back to no additional colour.

Boots - Bax - this picture does not show these boots up well at all - and for this I apologise. These boots are amazing - they are Bax Ankle boots. This is the brown suede pack and it gives you the option of 4 main shades of brown - and just about every part is texture change - oh and you can have fur tops on or off! So this is like having loads of sets of boots all in one - a real bargain.

Hair - Clawtooth

Belt - Maitreya

Top - Maitreya - this comes with 3 different coloured undershirts - the back of the sweater is semi open and shows the nice undershirts.

Glasses - Soviet Sleeper Glasses from Deco - I love these - they dont "do" anything - but I still love them :)

Necklace - Travellers Charms - Yummy

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