Monday, 23 August 2010

Skins, Sales and New Stuffs!

I have so many new things in my inventory due to all the sales and wonderful new releases so here a few.

First up - new Dutch Tough Yri skins - I bought 4 and got the VIP gift skin. The one shown below is called Blue Line in Cotton - part of a duo pack at $1,500.

Yri Cotton Blue Line

Miel also has some newness out today - the Dandy Dress and Dandy Boots. I bought the uber dress - changes to all shades and floral and plains. I also bought the boots but have not shown them in this post - but they are really nice and are texture change.

Shown below is the Dandy Dress from Miel. Hair by Lamb - Lost in Mango, Socks by Pig and Shoes are Frenzy Bannana in Brown by Maitreya

Miel Dandy Dress

Next up is one of the new amazing black skins from Lionskins - this one is Sukai in makeup 1. Such nice detail on the face.

Lionskins - Sukai 1

Shown below are some more of the Maitreya sale goodies: Sweater Dress, toeless socks and shoes all from Maitreya. Hair is Goodbye Horses in Coco from Clawtooth.

Maitreya Sweater Dress

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