Monday, 27 September 2010

Fall to Sleep, to sleep perchance to dream ...

I had a busy day both RL and SL. I did manage to finish the seasons' hunt - well there were a few I couldnt find but I got most. I havent opened all yet - but from the ones I have some were great, others good and well some not good - but out of all the hunts I have done lately I think this has been the best for me.

Of course this last weekend has been full of great stuff - 50L F, PT (not so many good things for me in this PT but a couple) and Spruce Up Your Space Pt 2 for September. I keep meaning to tidy my inventory - but each time I start I lose the will to live!

Anyway a couple of pics:

I Love Autumn

I Love Autumn 2

The hair and hat is one of the prizes for The Seasons Hunt from Tiny Bird
Cardigan is from Pig for The Seasons Hunt
Scarf - omg I love it - is from Concrete Flowers from TSH
Skirt is from Casa Del Shai - 50L Friday
Boots are from SLink - Marina Boots in Tan - previous 50L Friday
Tights - Nerd - Ugly Duck
Skin - Plain Jane V2 from Mynerva
Glasses from Muism
Pose with leave from Olive Juice - they have a TSH prize too - but this is from a pack I bought

Then here are 2 of my favourite things from Spruce Up Your Space. Belle Belle has this adorable Mr Sandman - he sits on a shelf and when you want to sleep he sprinkles different scenes round your room - there are lots of scenes available - I am showing just one as an example. HE is only $150L

Also the sofa bed from Barcode - Grammas Pullout Sofa for Spruce Up Your Space - as I have set the picture really dark to see the Mr Sandman effects it is hard to see the sofabed - but it is cute:)

Mr Sandman

The picture was taken in the skybox from Tweedle from this weeks PT

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