Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Life's a beach!

I haven't blogged for ages - yet I have shopped sooo much - and of course my inv is now such a mess I can hardly remember what I bought and where I put it!

Anyway one of the many things I have bought is the 4 new sets of photography props from Virtual Props and Poses. Until the end of this week there is a special offer on where one can purchase a set of four beachy type props with tons of poses for a special price of L$3k. The sets are Beach, Lost, Fireflies and Volleyball.

Below I am showing a picture from Lost and Beach - no doubt I will be using the other props and showing more poses from these sets over time.






Pic 1:

Outfit - Boho Platinum Hunt Gift
Hair - Analog Dog
Bangles and Ring - Zaara
Shoes - Maitreya
Skin - Dutch Touch

Pic 2:

Bikini - Zaara
Bangles and Ring - Zaara
Shoes - Zaara
Hair - Clawtooth
Sunglasses - December

Model - Ren Latoe

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