Saturday, 24 July 2010


Ok that title does not relate to this post - but I was too lazy to think of one that does :(

I have done a lot of shopping recently - but havent posted as

1. I am crashing a lot and

2. I have been quite dissappointed in some of the things I have bought.

One of the things I can remember offhand is a pair of high waist jeans and a top from the Dressing Room - by R.icielli. Anyway the top is just AWFUL - all white lines round the texture.

Another thing was a skin from MYNERVA - now the skin is nice - it is cute and for the most part well made - but the nipples look like they have been squashed by a steam roller! Ok I should have looked before I bought - but the demo in the shop was nice and I was too lazy to go home and examine the whole body. However as I dont run around SL naked I will use the skin. I will post soon using it to show what I mean.

So last grumble of this post. I went along to the Summer of Love Fair. I really didnt like the shopping there - it was so messy. But I did buy the Ugly Duck Glastonbury skin - kinda wish I had bought the one with the orange flower now lol - maybe I'll go back and get it too.

Ugly Duck SoL Glastonbury


Shown above is:

Skin by Ugly Duck
Hair by Clawtooth
Cardigan by Coco
Tank by Coco
Skirt by SMS
Shoes by Anexx at Aoharu (these are really cute)

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