Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mandala Jewelery

I was browsing some fashion blogs today and I came across a post from Vanity with an amazing necklace from Mandala called Hannya that I fell in love with.

Soooo I TP's over to Mandala and bought said necklace - it is wonderful. The only thing is - I bought it in gold and when I opened the package the set for smaller avatars (while it said Gold) was the black set. But never mind - it means I have both black and gold so all is good :)

While there I took a look around and found the most wonderful set of bangles which have bangles, rings and nails for both hands as one item for each hand - and they are really well made. Again a slight problem. The set for size 10 hands do not seem to have been fitted so could be an issue for very small avatars - I am wearing the set for size 20 hands and they fit perfectly. This set is called Takara - I think it is beautiful.

Oh and my eyes are closed - this was not an attempt to copy the post from Vanity (tho I did go buy the Dutch Touch Skin she was wearing!) but a failure on my part to take a picture with them open!!!

Talking of which - my photo does not do this jewelery justice - it is really lovely :)

Mandala Takara Bangles

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