Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hounds and Elephants

SL Time v's European Time causes me to have long waits for many things .. such as the new range of Hounds of Love Skins by &Bean. On Sunday I waited and waited for the main shop to reopen - in fact I went back and forward from 12am SL time until it was time for me to go to my zzzzzzz in RL time - but on waking up on Monday morning the shop was all redone and the skins were set for sale - and yes I think the wait was worth it :) I bought 3 plus the 3 set to $50L.

I think the faces are beautiful - the body - well not so very detailed but it is nice enough and for me the faces on these skins make up for it.

Below I am showing the Hounds of Love LIGHT Rav - really pretty skin with very little make up but lovely red lips. I also wanted to show you the sweet little Elephant Chair from Kurotsubaki - it comes with 3 poses and also a mini elephant with 4 poses - so cute :)

Kurotsubaki Elephant Chair

Hounds of Love Skin

Also worn: Dress St Augustine by Tiny Bird, Hair Breeze in Powder by Lamb, Shoes, Slippers of Work Faiure by amaama+ (I cant find this shop now :( ) and Socks by Mary's Closet

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