Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Home Office Furnishing Solutions for Workaholic Sheep!

Today wandering around looking for some new furniture for my photography studio I met a friendly racoon at Mocha:


I then wandered into the shop and found the perfect item for a workaholic sheep .. this desk/bed:


When you get sleepy there is an animation in the chair to let you have 40 winks at your desk.

mocha desk

Or if you need a real snooze you can pop up onto the bed on top. (The pose used here is not from the bed as the sleep pose did not work with the sheep avi)

mocha desk and bed

Of course you dont have to be a workaholic or a sheep to enjoy furniture from Mocha. There is also this option available - a sofa posed for two avatars with a bed on top.

mocha sofa and bed

On the bed there is only one pose - but it is a big bed so plenty of room for your friends to come and join you for a pajama party :)

mocha sofa and bed

Items shown:

Shy Sheep Avatar - Summer Choice 2009 gift. Wearing hair by Lamb and dress by This is a Fawn

Desk/bed and Sofa/bed by Mocha with colour change duvet

Human Avatars:

On the left is me wearing hair by Tiny Bird, Skin by FD, PJ's from Drowsy Opening
On the right is Ilse wearing Hounds of Love Skin, hair by Clawtooth, and bodysuit by 5th and Oxford

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