Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Happy Mood!

Today so far has been a good day for me on SL. First one of my Ozimals Bunnies - Ellie - had her first baby bunny yay! Then I got a group gift from Miel - the hair that she had put out on the Deck. Now I know the lag was awful and many of you may not have managed over to the Deck Celebrations so it was so nice of her to give this out to her subscribo group.

Here is the note she sent with the gift:

Hey Hivers!

Over the week-end we celebrated a B-day at The Deck with a free gift to those who came. We thought for those who couldn't get it, you might enjoy receiving one as a group gift.

If you know someone who would also like one, the Miel Tue Hair pack will be available on the subscribo at the store. Just come and click on it.

The headband is texture change in three colors and the pack comes with 3 different shades.


Miel Nirvana

Pictured below is the hair in blonde and the headband set to white. Really pretty hair :) The dress is from En Svale, Skin Le Lutka and the bunny (with cuddle AO) is from Happy Mood (picture taken at Happy Mood)

Happy Mood

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