Monday, 26 April 2010

No Hairy Chests!

Don't ya just hate it when you are taking pictures and your hair is stuck into your chest?

I have started using Avimote - it is a really amzing HUD that allows you to either create a pose in-world from scratch or to repose your avatar while on pre-purchased poses while you pose.

At the moment none of the poses can be saved and you are only able to pose your own avatar but the creator has future plans to enable multiple avatar posing and to allow saving of your self created poses (not the poses by someone else) So I am looking forward to the upgrades.

Here is a very basic example of one I did today just to show you.


As you can see the hair is stuck into the chest.

Now below is the same pose but I used avimote and made one small change - I tilted the neck back - it of course changes how the head looks too. But you can see now the hair is no longer stuck in the chest - and that was one small click :) I love avimote.


items worn:
Skin - Curio
Hair - Clawtooth
Top - Miel

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