Thursday, 29 April 2010

In a fighting mood!!!!

Well today so far has been a BAD BAD day on SL. I logged in with no trouble and did not realise the dangers ahead to a compulsive shopper ... I popped around a couple of shops and found a pose set I wanted - a BIG one at $2999L and bought it ... well the lindens left my account but the pose set did not arrive. Just then an IM came from a friend to say troubles with SL DONT buy anything - DOH! Too Late. Anyway I have IM'd the shop owner and wait in anticipation of my purchase being delivered to me.

However my annoyed mood made me remember a cute set of boxing gloves and helmet I had in my inventory so I put them on ready to fight for the right to shop!


The boxing set is from Ugly Duck - it's really detailed and the gloves can be worn round the neck or on the hands when you want to pack a real punch!

The skin is also from Ugly Duck - these are fast becoming some of my favorites in skins - kinda torn between Ugly Duck and Curio at the moment as fav. Tho I think when I want to look "pretty" I go with Curio and when I want to look just that bit different from the usual SL idea of beauty I go with Ugly Duck.

The shorts are from Reek

The boots are the free subscribo boots from Hoorenbeck

Hair from Fri.Day (tho you cant really see it) which is now one of my fav SL stores for clothes and hair - nice work and fair price.

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