Monday, 20 September 2010


Sometimes I see girls in RL who look great with short hair and I am soooo tempted to get mine chopped - but I am a coward. In SL however it is great that we can have the option to go with the Tomboy crop.

The hair I am wearing was free from Savior Hair - it is made by MAD and is called Akima - really cute hair :)


To complete the Tomboy look I have chosen:

Pants from MNK
Cropped Sweater - BBs
Undershirt - Vintage Thermals - Tres Bla
Boots - Coco
Socks - narcissus socks and suspenders from DU4
Belt - maitreya
Skin - Mynerva - Plain Jane V2 - using Hundreds and Thousands tattoo
Bracelet - Mandala
Bag - Milk Motion - Garage Sale PT item
Scarf - Bax

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