Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Rocking the system skirt

I've been redoing my SL home recently but I took a little break from home and garden shopping to get some new clothes.

I first went to Stiletto Moody to grab the Look of the Day Color Set - this is the second color set I have bought (normally I just buy one pair at a time - but the look of the day has had 55% off the color set so it is just too much of a great bargain to pass up!!!)

Then I TP's over to mimikri to take a look around and I bought quite a few items there. I am going to show you a couple of them in this post - no doubt the others will appear at some time too.


The dress is from Mimikri - I dont have many system skirts in my inv - and I think I should get some more. With the right shape and provided they are well made they can look really good. I certainly love this little dress. The leggings shown are also from Mimikri.

The shoes on both looks are from Stiletto Moody - Anita and Brigitte
Skin - Laura Red, Ugly Duck

Hair - black hair is from the free box of hairs from Posh and brunette is "Let's Get Married" from Clawtooth

Jacket is "No Strings Attached" by Veschi I was lucky enough to grab some of these jackets at the 50% off sale a while ago - but even at full price they are not expensive and nicely made

Necklace is from Indyra Originals - prize from the Under The Sea hunt

Sunglasses from Lamb

Eyelashes from Glow Studio

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