Thursday, 8 July 2010

Goosey Goosey Gatcha!

There is a Gatcha fair on at Albero just now so I had to make a visit as I cant resist them!

There are loads of Gatchas - advertised as 55 - so there may be something you want to have a try at:) I'm not sure if all are out yet as I saw some empty stalls (Miel and Mocha have stalls but nothing there as yet so I'm going to go back tomorrow to see if they place a Gatcha)

I got this nice hair and hair band from Tiny Bird. I also got a really sweet little sky box - I'm going to furnish it and then take some pics.

I also got a new skin today from Mother Goose - only $300L and I like it a lot - it's called Margaret - comes in 6 options - the one I bought is No. 2. There is a shape to go with the skin for $100L but for me it was too much of a Child shape so I am wearing my own shape.


Here is a closer look at the face - I think it's really pretty and nicely done


The dress is also from Tiny Bird, necklace by Kue, Shoes and Socks by Mocha

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