Saturday, 26 June 2010


Did my usual tour of the "fifty linden friday" offerings yesterday and Reek's wooden saddle horse made me want to go all cowgirl! So I got all kitted up and set off in search of a western themed sim to play .. and what did I find ... a "ghost town"

ghost town 1

I took a wander round and found an old deserted shack and decided to claim it! I rezzed my saddle horse and sat down armed with my trusty shotgun from the gacha at Vooner ready to shoot or at least wave my gun in a threatning way at any land thievin' varmints that came my way.


pictures were taken at Canyon Diablo
this sim allows rez so it is good for photos. It has quite a few things to do - like gold panning, rodeo, places of interest, ghosts and some evil bears and cougars which are scripted to attack! Fortunately you can grab a scripted shotgun and pistol for free there along with a damage meter so you can RP.

I am wearing:

Hat and Hair by Reek
Skirt by Maitreya
Boots by G Field
Shotgun by Vooner
Cowgirl Top is the Charity Top by NO from the summer festival at Tableau
Skin by Ugly Duck

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