Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's been such a long time ....

...since I blogged. I have set up my own photo studio and have been busy with that and a couple of magazines for which I am art director. But I am missing blogging so here I am with my first post in ages!

Dark and Dangerous

On the left we have Ren who is wearing the latest group gift skin from Belleza - $250L to join group and I think it is worth it. She also wears Ballet Boots from the closing down sale at Fame Monster - only $50L. Her jacket is from the sale at Veschi - really nice jacket and I think $75L. Her underpants and fishnets are from a set of Lady Gaga wear at the closing down sale at Fame Monster.

On the right is me. I wear Megan Skin from Redgrave, Hair by Lamb (past $50L Friday), Boots from Stiletto Moody and my corset is a new set of clothing Elements from Glam Affair. The gloves are part of a set from Dhrim.

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